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Photo Booth Sales, LLC ~ We take pride in each handmade photo booth that we sell.

Use your photo booth with an enclosure, a backdrop or completely open!

DSLR Photo Booth with Enclosure

DSLR Photo Booth with Backdrop

DSLR Photo Booth – Cabinet Only

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We build better photo booths by using the best components

Do you want to do better than your competition? Having better equipment is the First Step.

DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras take higher quality images. Being that photo booths are a photography based service this is very important. Webcam photos are worse than today’s cell phones, who’s going to pay top dollar to rent that.

Strobe Flash

DSLR cameras require a powerful light source for crisp images. Continuous lighting and built-in flashes cant provide adequate light without sacrificing image quality. Our flash units are used in studios for portrait photography and are a photographers favorite brand Alien Bees.

22″ Touchscreen

Planar 22″ touchscreen. Our designated touch screen allows you to plug the laptop or any backup laptop directly to the photo booth. All in one machines are great until something goes wrong with the computer. With our setup replacing a computer is a breeze. If the touchsreen were to break the repair bill is 1/3 of an all in one.

Dell 15.6″ Intel

Your business is dependent on reliable equipment. We have had great success using Dell 15.6″ laptops with Intel processors. Choose from Intel i3, i5, i7 processors. If your planning to run Darkroom Booth 2, along with 3rd party image hosting programs the i5 or i7 are more powerful options.

DNP Printers

Printing has the most challenges in the photo booth industry. There is ribbon and paper to handle, wired connections, printer drivers, transport cases and the occasional error messages. Having an industry proven dye-sub photo printer is essential. We have chosen 3 of the best photo printers for you.

Do the most with your photos!

Who’s capitalizing on photo booth rentals?

Over the years we have kept track of who’s getting started in photo booth rentals. A majority of photo booth owners are starting a new business without prior experience in the event industry.

New Entrepreneurs


42% of photo booth sales are sold to new businesses.



20% of photo booth sales are sold to photographers with existing businesses.



28% of photo booth sales are sold to DJ’s with existing businesses.



10% of photo booth sales are sold to planners and venue owners.

*study based on 2015 Photo Booth Sales, LLC customers.

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